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People have been putting up Halloween decorations in their yards for a long time but I can’t remember exactly when I started seeing Halloween ornaments to decorate a tree inside the home. A little research shows that there was an animated TV movie called The Halloween Tree, based on a 1972 novel by Ray Bradbury which led to the Halloween Tree at Disneyland, and makes October a very popular time to visit the theme parks. This year you can find a great assortment of orange, purple and black artificial trees, including pre-lit options sold at national retailers like The Home Depot and Target. A Wall Street Journal article said that, “Halloween decorations, candy and costumes will reach revenues of 9.1 billion dollars this year”. The article suggested that while a Christmas tree tends to be more sentimental and traditional, a Halloween tree is silly, spooky and just for fun.

 Halloween ornament storage

In the past 15 years Ultimate Christmas Storage has offered several Halloween prints in the archival ornament storage line, based on customer requests; obviously our customers are way ahead of the curve. Trees range from small table tops to big 7 footers, for both outside and inside the home.

Our clients helped us to fully realize the value that is being placed on Halloween Decorations and Halloween Ornaments. And the desire to have archival and acid-free storage solutions available to organize and protect them.

Halloween Ornament Storage


If you’ve started your Halloween ornament collection you know that Halloween ornaments are very fragile and benefit from proper archival ornament storage. Our kraft ornament storage line allows customers to continue decorating right on the boxes, which also makes the ornament storage easily identifiable for next year.

Halloween decorations and Halloween ornaments in our boxes will be organized in style and ready for display or next season in our customizable kraft storage boxes. Our archival supplies will help better protect Halloween ornaments and Halloween decorations that are collectible or just very dear.

Holiday Ornament Storage 

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