How to Celebrate Christmas in July

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Yes, seems it’s true! All over the globe people are taking out the Christmas decorations from their storage boxes again!

Christmas in July beach Santa
Irving Berlin’s iconic lyrics ‘dreaming of a white Christmas’ suddenly makes more sense.

This might seem strange or oddly delightful to you, but either way ’Christmas in July’ is here to stay. Admittedly, we were pleasantly surprised on hearing about this quirky tradition.

Whether you’re in the hot northern hemisphere, or in the colder southern hemisphere, you can have your gingerbread cookie and eat it too.  Christmas enthusiasts from all over the world try to recreate the festive cheer during the month of July; warming hearts and lifting spirits till December comes. 

Also, The Today Show reported that a recent scientific study proved that early decorators are happier! So go ahead, decorate and be merry in July!

If you’re intrigued and would like to find out more, have a look at the following online communities, things to do and events. There is something for everyone.

  1. Facebook connects ‘Christmas in July’ celebrants from all over America… find someone near you to celebrate with!
Christmas in July Facebook Page

Why not connect with 2000+ Christmas in July enthusiasts on Facebook! Experience the Christmas cheer on your Facebook feed throughout the year! Hear about any events, connect with others in your community and share your stories. 

  1. There’s a movie being released! Bring out the popcorn and the tissues

If there was ever a better reason to celebrate Christmas in July, this would be it! The story is about the special bond between a young man and his grandmother. A love that’s as clear as the crystal angel that’s been at the top of their Christmas tree for years. This year however his grandmother struggles with her health, and with months to go before Christmas, a heartwarming tale unfolds of his determination to share one last Christmas… in July

Christmas in July Movie

We can't wait to see it, and according to the producers the movie will be released soon. Follow them on Facebook to be one of the first to watch this special production.

Need to satisfy your Christmas Movie itch immediately? Well the Hallmark Channel has you covered, with back to back original Christmas television films being run from the 12th of July.

Christmas in July Classic MovieNot into tear jerkers or traditional Christmas movies? Luckily there’s a comedy too! Winning $25 000 would certainly make it feel like it’s Christmas in July, but in the American classic, Christmas in July, it soon unravels into a laugh out loud comical catastrophe.                                                                                                                                                                                      We might just watch them all!

  1. Join a charity ‘Christmas in July’ fun run

Feeling guilty after all the candy cane and hot cocoa? Join a fun run, or better yet, organize your own! 

Christmas in July half marathon Fun-Races

If you’re in Indiana or Chicago, you’re all set to go on the 13th/14th of July. These annual fun family events hosted by Fun-Races support health and heart

Or dress up and have some fun with the Ohio 1/2 Way to Christmas Half Marathon, 10k, 5k & 1ml 

Christmas in July Half Marathon Ohio

The Chicagoland Original Christmas in July Fun Run is well organized and promises to lift the spirit and heart rate. To get more information and to join the next race, visit the Runners4wellness website.

This race is usually held in July, but due to Venue construction and upgrades planned during July this year, the event was moved to June. If you missed it this year, things should be back to normal in 2020.

Another fun  run that you should definitely support is the Salvation Army Christmas in July 5K Fun Run in Texas . It's for a good cause and bonus - they even have a run specifically for the kids! Not to be missed.

Salvation Army Christmas in July fun run
  1. Go to a ‘Christmas in July’ Market

Need to find some more Christmas Decorations, a quirky present or just feel like going for a fun outing with the family? Why not go to a ‘Christmas in July’ themed event!

We love the Christmas in July Hallmark Keepsake Events! The have a variety of unique ornaments, cards and gifts available. Check out their Facebook Events page, to stay informed.

hallmark christmas in July keepsakes

Just want to get out for the day? This unique Coney Island craft market has an unusual twist… think the Grinch and enter open minded; or support a local fundraiser at the American Legion Post 35 Charity Bazaar. They promise loads of family fun, and a way to beat the summer heat - perfect excuse for a Christmas in July outing.

  1. Something exciting for the kids

If you have a group of energetic kids, Santa’s Village Amusement Park promises fun for the whole family!

Santa's Village Amusement Park

Santa’s roller coaster sleigh takes Christmas to new exciting heights! If you’re in Illinois, this could be the perfect fun day out for the family. The park has a variety of attractions, dining options and exciting rides for the kids!

No matter where you are in the world, it seems there is always a reason to spread the Christmas cheer! Deck the halls with boughs of holly, light up the Christmas tree and hang the decorations… Christmas in July is one for the calendar!

Do you have any stories to share about your ‘Christmas in July’? We’d love to hear it! Please comment below!

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