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Christmas Ornament Storage - Ultimate Ornament Box - SOLID RED TOP & BOTTOM

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What Makes Our Storage Boxes The Ultimate

Treat your treasured ornaments like the family heirlooms they are or will become. Our archival storage is designed exclusively to protect your precious ornaments over the years, safe from the damaging effects of environmental acid and tarnish
Our fully adjustable dividers allow you to configure individual compartments to suit a wide range of items and keep fragile ornaments from breaking due to crowding and bumping
Sturdy and lightweight
Our boxes are constructed of high-density chipboard to be strong yet lightweight. Made to last and be proudly passed down to future generations along with the heirlooms they protect
Archival Supplies
We recommend using our acid-free tissue and acid-free shredded paper to provide a cushion for additional protection during storage

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Ultimate Ornament Box
2 levels, 44 compartments
Ultimate Ornament Box<br><span>2 levels, 44 compartments</span> scheme

3" deep removable tray with 28 adjustable compartments

4" deep lower level with 16 adjustable compartments

Comes with heavy-duty vinyl zippered bag

22 x 16 x 8" high

Ultimate Ornament Chest
4 levels, 100 compartments
Ultimate Ornament Chest<br><span>4 levels, 100 compartments</span> scheme

Three - 3" deep removable trays with 28 adjustable compartments each

4" deep lower level with 16 adjustable compartments

Comes with heavy-duty vinyl zippered bag

22 x 16 x 14" high

Ultimate European Ornament Chest
3 levels, 44 compartments
Ultimate European Ornament Chest<br><span>3 levels, 44 compartments</span> scheme

Two - 4" deep trays with 16 adjustable compartments each

One 5" deep lower level with 12 adjustable compartments

Includes heavy-duty vinyl zippered bag, 2lb. bag of acid-free shred, desiccant and humidity indicator

22 x 16 x 14" high