Why Ultimate Christmas Storage?
This acid-free, archival-quality storage system was created specifically for fragile hand-blown glass ornaments. It was designed so that if needed, the cubbies could be easily customized to suite each individual collection with adjustable dividers. The removable trays make packing and unpacking less of a chore.

In addition to the ease of organizing your collection, our boxes provide a safe environment for ornaments to reside year around. All our boxes are constructed of high-density chipboard to create a sturdy yet lightweight box. Finally we’ve added further protection by using acid-free chipboard that has been treated with a tarnish inhibitor to keep painted colors vivid and silvered paints from getting unsightly tarnish spots.

How does it work?




Why do I need acid free?
Paperboard is produced from trees which absorb numerous chemicals from the air and ground and are therefore highly acidic by nature. Untreated paperboard pulp is therefore acidic as well, and tends to leach the color from objects which come in contact with it. We’ve all seen the effects of color degradation in old family photo albums with faded and yellowed photographs. All of the Ultimate Christmas Storage boxes are certified Acid Free to provide the best possible environment in which to safely store precious ornaments and other delicate, treasured items.

Is acid the only culprit? 

No. Extreme temperatures and high humidity accelerate deterioration. Temperatures above 80 and below 50 degrees represent potential hazards for the paint on many collectibles. The expansion and contraction of the paint on a daily basis in an attic for example, will tend to cause microscopic cracks in painted surfaces. These cracks weaken the bond with the paint and destroy the continuity of the surface which can accelerate the aging of your collectibles. 

Humidity is also a potential hazard. Anything above 60% humidity represents a condition which can deteriorate your collectibles. Some of the more common forms of moisture deterioration are rust, corrosion, mold and mildew.

We recommend you protect your collectibles from these harmful environmental elements by storing your ornaments in a climate controlled closet or room inside your home. AND never store my ornaments close to a water heater!

Are there any other Archival products available?
We offer acid-free, archival supplies to use with our storage boxes that support a safe, acid-free environment.

Our Archival Art Pack is an acid-free shredded paper that allows you to “nest” your collectibles. This acid free bond paper cushions fragile ornaments providing a physical and chemical-free protection. We also offer Acid Free Archival Tissue. Both products offer the same acid-free environment, the one you choose is just personal preference.