What are the benefits of using acid free storage?

Simply put, acid-free storage is the best option for preserving delicate hand-blown glass ornaments. All paperboard products contain acid because paperboard is produced from trees which absorb chemicals from the environment and is therefore highly acidic by nature. Over time this acidity will leach the color from objects. We’ve all seen the effects of color degradation in old photographs and newspapers with faded and yellowed images. Our premium storage boxes were created specifically for fragile ornaments like your antique family heirloom ornaments, and newer ornaments like Christopher Radko, Patricia Breen, and all the delicate hand-blown glass ornament brands. All of the Ultimate Christmas Storage boxes are certified Acid Free to provide the best possible environment in which to safely store precious ornaments and many other delicate collectibles and treasured items.

How are Ultimate Christmas Storage boxes unique?

Our premium acid-free storage system was created specifically for fragile hand-blown glass ornaments, and is dedicated to the art and science of preserving fine collectables. Our design features adjustable dividers which can be moved easily to customize compartments for each individual collection. The removable trays simplify organizing, decorating and packing. In addition to the ease of organizing your collection, our boxes provide a safe environment for ornaments and other collectibles to reside year around. All our boxes are constructed of high-density chipboard to create a sturdy yet lightweight box. Finally we’ve added further protection by treating our boxes with a tarnish inhibitor to keep colors vivid and prevent unsightly tarnish spots.

What are the boxes made of?

We use acid-free, high-density chipboard, which is a very sturdy material but lightweight. The chipboard is also treated with a tarnish inhibitor; tarnish is the reason you may see brown spots on older ornaments. We’ve been making our boxes the same way with the same materials since we started back in the 1990’s. We can honestly say that there are thousands of individual ornament collections living in our boxes from coast to coast!

Is the fabric covering just decorative?

Our decorative fabric prints are very festive and will easily become a welcome addition to your home’s holiday decor, but the fabric reenforcement actually makes the box even stronger.

How are the boxes made?

Our boxes are hand made.  Besides the high-quality materials, and custom fabrics we use, labor is a big part of the price of our beautiful, heirloom-quality storage boxes.

Will my ornaments fit in the box?

All personal ornament collections vary greatly. Many ornament enthusiasts have an idea of the approximate sizes of their ornaments. If you aren’t sure, a helpful rule of thumb is that pre-1970’s ornaments tend to be smaller, so the 3-inch and 4-inch compartments should work well. Ornaments purchased from the 1970’s on tend to be larger, think Radko. If you inherited ornaments from your grandparents 1950s tree, they’ll fit well in the 3-inch compartments. If your ornaments were purchased in the 1980s and 1990’s you’ll want the 4 and 5 inch compartments. To be clear, all our compartments are square, i.e., 3x3x3, 4x4x4 and 5x5x5.

Can I customize the dividers to suite my own collection?

Yes. Each ornament collection is different with varying sizes including longer and wider ornaments. Our dividers are easy to adjust to create the perfect size compartments to accommodate your own personal collection. Our boxes come in various configurations to accommodate from 3-5 inch ornaments. You can find measurements in the specifications bullets at the bottom of each product page.

Ultimate or Kraft, which line is right for me?

Both of our lines are premium storage. Both are acid-free with all the same benefits and features. The Ultimate line comes at a higher price point because this line is covered with decorative holiday fabric; for many customers the box is part of their home’s holiday decor. While the fabric is decorative, it also provides additional reenforcement. The Ultimate line is considered as much of an heirloom as the ornaments within to be proudly displayed, gifted and passed down.

The Kraft line is made of the same acid-free, high density chipboard, with all the same protective qualities of the Ultimate line. It may be considered more utilitarian, and is practical for organizing not only ornaments but a variety of crafting, knitting and sewing items, toys, baseball cards, etc. From socks to seashells and everything in between. The Kraft line is also popular with DIYers who like to decorate the box with paint, stickers, etc., it’s a fun way to personalize and distinguish what’s inside.

Why choose acid-free tissue vs acid-free shredded paper?

We recommend using one of these acid-free packing supplies, but which one you choose is just a personal preference. The shredded paper creates a little nest for each ornament or item. While the tissue can be used to loosely wrap each item. Either one will provide a cushion and prevent any jostling about when the box is moved.


Additional storage tips

Whether you have 20 ornaments or 2000 ornaments, you are a collector. You’ve invested time and love into the ornaments you’ve chosen to display on your tree. Chances are that someday you’ll hand your collection down and then they’ll go from being your collection to someone else’s heirloom. In addition to using Ultimate Christmas Storage we highly recommend the following tips.

Store in a climate controlled area year around

Heat and cold can damage fragile ornaments. Temperatures above 80 and below 50 degrees represent potential hazards for painted surfaces. The expansion and contraction of the paint on a daily basis in an attic for example, can cause microscopic cracks on your hand-painted ornaments. These cracks will accelerate aging and chip the paint. To best preserve and protect your treasured collections, we recommend storing them in a climate controlled closet or room inside your home.

Keep humidity in check

High humidity is a potential hazard. Anything above 60% humidity can be harmful to your delicate ornaments and valuable collections resulting in rust, corrosion, mold and mildew. To best preserve and protect your treasured collections, we recommend storing them in a climate controlled closet or room inside your home. If you live in a high humidity area, we recommend using a desiccant.

Warning about closets…

Never store your ornaments and treasured collections close to a water heater. We’ve heard from more than a few customers who’ve had unfortunate, costly and irreparable damage to their collections due to burst water heaters.