Tips n Tricks for a Beautiful and Organized Home — Traditions

Family Traditions

Posted by kathy stanton on

There are plenty of things that distinguish one family from another, one neighbor from another. That’s why our traditions are so important. Because they help bind us together and give us a sense of belonging in our community and in our family. Traditions new and old create strong family relationships between generations and serve as an avenue for creating lasting memories for our families and friends.  In December we invited our customers to share their favorite holiday traditions. I was especially touched by this story from Patty Walcha. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do: “My husband’s...

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The Story of Our Success

Posted by Alex Sokoletsky on

My husband Steve is a baby boomer, architect and a problem solver. His hobby is building, tinkering and inventing. In fact, that’s how Ultimate Christmas Storage began, Steve designed our first Christmas ornament storage box and still does all our designs today.   One Christmas, Steve pulled out the old ornaments that he’d inherited from his mother and grandmother. Maybe he was inspired by that sparkling Christmas tree or by watching his baby daughter’s joy around the tree, but he knew that he had to find a way to protect those shiny little treasures for her, forever. And the idea...

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