The Wedding Gift They’ll Keep Forever

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Winter wedding gift

Weddings are a moment in time that connect people for a lifetime. It brings together two families, two hearts and two futures become one. It’s a special time filled with celebrations, and often also a chance to honor those we love. A thoughtful way to do this is through a special gift. The right gift will keep you and their special day in their memories for years to come. 

Recently, one of our customers shared with us how she honored her soon to be Daughter in Law with a priceless bridal gift, filled with love and intention. It was a gift that took some time to put together and she really poured her heart and soul into it. We felt so honored that the gift was set in one of our ornament boxes!   

Linda* was inspired by an age-old German tradition, the “Bride’s Tree”. According to the tradition it is believed that a married couple's first Christmas tree needs 12 specific ornaments for happiness in their life journey together. These ornaments are often given as a wedding gift or as a Christmas gift for the newlyweds. Linda explained that even though they’re not German - she loved the idea and actually started collecting ornaments years before marriage was on the table.  “I have been collecting ornaments for my two daughters for a long time, and decided that my three sons’ future wives would love the tradition. I was right, they felt so loved and honored.  I gave them the bride ornament box during their bridal shower.” 

Christmas wedding gift

Linda however didn’t follow the German tradition to the T, and opted for something more personal and creative. So as her family loves Disney, she chose her own Disney themed Christmas ornaments, which each still represented the different blessings she wished upon the newlyweds. a Teapot, for instance, represents hospitality, so she added a Mrs. Potts and Chip Ornament from Beauty and the Beast - We love it!

The special keepsake ornament box will protect their memories for years to come, reminding them year after year of their special day and the giver. The box also has 44 compartments, so whether you add 12 ornaments or one signature Swarovski or handmade piece, they can then keep adding their own special ornaments year after year, always reminded of that first Christmas.

If you like the idea, use the 12 traditional ornaments as they are, or adapt them into something unique for the Bridal couple. Have a look at our infographic at the end of the article to inspire your ideas!

unique wedding gift

We also can’t help but think how perfect this gift would be especially for a winter wedding. Over the years, we’ve also had brides use our premium boxes as personalized Bridesmaids gifts. It becomes a special keepsake, always reminding them of the special friendship and memories they share with the Bride. Bridesmaids are the friends we want to share our lives with, and what better way to honor them than with a gift that they will use for years to come.

So, if you’re looking for a gift that will serve as a special, and useful keepsake to remind the ones you love each holiday of the time you shared together, why not choose a box that will hold your memories and much, much more.

Wedding Christmas Gift



Wedding Gift Idea





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