Make your 4th of July party stand out this year!

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 4th of July Party Ideas 

If you want your 4th of July party to stand out from the rest, giving your guests a special take home gift that they made themselves, will make them remember the day long after it ended! A craft table is always an immediate point of interest at any party, and it's even more rewarding when your craft is useful! 

Let's admit it, most of us love a good crafting activity! It doesn’t matter what age you are, creating something with your own hands and then being able to use it in a way that makes you happy is priceless. It takes a bit more effort, but it’s worth it in the end. 

This year, add a craft table either in the garage (and if you cringed at the thought… read our article on sorting the man cave) or in a room overlooking the BBQ - but still close enough to see who’s making what. We have listed a few of our favorites craft ideas below. There is something for everyone.


Patriotic Wreaths

Wreaths add a certain something to your home over the holidays. I know that in my family, we always seem to stop and stare at homes with a beautiful wreath on the door. Your guests will love being able to make their own wreaths; it’s easy and the best part is that it can  stay up until Labor Day! Win win

 Patriotic wreath

Make sure to buy some bits and pieces for the decorating. This is the fun part! Get all the bells, bows, flowers and flags you can find - in fact anything and everything in the old American Red, White and Blue! The sky's the limit, but make sure to buy only a few of each, making sure every wreath will be unique. Your guests will love scratching through the decorations to find just the right one for their unique 4th of July wreath! Don't forget to buy the important stuff too, like glue, wreath rings, wire, and rope. There is loads of inspiration everywhere this time of the year; we especially love this crafty clothespin creation from Cat’s Craft Room!

Clothespin WreathPatriotic Wreath American FlagPatriotic Wreath 4th of July











4th of July Glitter Stars

No 4th of July Party (or Tree) is complete without patriotic glitter stars. This easy craft activity is messy, but oh so fun! Simply buy some plain star decorations (or recycle some of your old, tired decorations), dip a sponge in Acid-free glue (good for storage) and cover the star in a layer by dabbing it lightly, now simply sprinkle the glitter.

4th of July DIY decorations

We love the Los Angeles based brand - Universal Soul. It’s an eco-friendly glitter that won’t harm the environment. We’re also impressed that they have a combo set called ‘Stars, Stripes and Glitter’ perfect for the craft table - on SALE (and no... the links we post really aren't affiliate marketing links, we just love supporting eco-friendly, storage-friendly brands).

Eco-friendly glitter decorationsGlitter stars 4th of July DIY



Paper Plate Crafts for the kids

Kids love getting their hands messy! If there will be quite a few children at the party, consider making a craft table especially for them.  It’s always a good idea to choose a craft that will keep the kids entertained during and after the activity is done.

kids crafts 4th of July ideas

We love this crafty Statue of Liberty paper plate crown. It’s a super easy DIY craft that will also make for some cute photos. The children can paint and decorate their crowns with the patriotic American colours, and have fun sprinkling glitter to make it extra special. There are actually so many things you can do with a bit of paint and some paper plates, so the kids can go wild.

4th of July kids headband DIY craft

We love how easy it is to make a craft table and the fun factor is through the roof! There are an endless variety of crafts to be made, and we'd love to know what you are making for this 4th of July celebrations! Be creative and keep it fun.

When it's all said and done, be sure to appreciate what you've created. Go visit your friends to see their beautiful wreaths hanging on their doors and over their fireplaces; share the photographs of your kid’s craft with family; and hang those patriotic stars on your tree, because honestly... can you ever have enough?! 

We want to hear from you!

We’d love to see what your DIY craft projects are this 4th of July! Please share with us on our Facebook page, or tag us! Happy 4th of July! 

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