Get Dad Organized this Father's Day

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No one wants to do it, but every year over Father's day, you swear to finally take on the garage (aka the man cave) mess. You walk in, a determined DIYer, but soon realize that you have no idea what you're doing. Why does he have so many tubes of dried super glue, rusted nails, and archaic tools. You back away slowly, close the door and vow to come back… when you have a plan.

Let's be honest, we never go back. So, this year after Father's day, make it a family DIY project to organize this disaster. We share some surefire ways to get your Dad’s space ready for the next home project.

Marie Kondo Quote - Life Transforming

1. Haul it all out!

Empty the room completely - if it's a nice sunny day (or week considering the mess), take it outside.  Just be sure to put up a sign - this isn’t a Yard Sale (yet!).

2. Clean up

Sweep and vacuum the floors, remove any cobwebs from the cabinets and hose down the floor to scrub it clean. The space needs to be squeaky clean before moving on to the next step (you’ve gotten this far, might as well be diligent). Check out these recommendations to clean up any type of mess you might come across. Gift idea: If you didn’t manage to find a great gift this year, just tell dad that cleaning up is your gift! Problem solved.

3. Give the room a fresh coat of paint

This could be the ideal opportunity to get rid of those half-empty paint tins. Just mix them all together and hope for the best. You'll be adding shelving anyway, so it shouldn't be too visible (we hope). Gift idea: If you have kids, why not leave dad a special gift by painting something unique on one of the walls. Your kids will love the activity, and Dad will have a beautiful reminder of their love.

4. Add shelving

Utilize the ceiling space, add more cabinets and maybe add a workbench with shelving at the bottom. The idea is to create space. This can be difficult as a DIY project, but check out some easy to install options before doing it all from scratch.

Note: To not repeat the same mistakes in the future, we recommend having a plan - draw out your garage, decide on where the new shelving, cabinets, and workbench will all go and how it will be spaced. Buy some new storage containers and label. We repeat - label!

You are now ready for step 5:

5. Put it all back - organized

Try to sort everything according to the “KTDS” method - Keep, Toss, Donate or Sell. Watch some Marie Kondo Netflix episodes, if you need motivation.

Decide what is used frequently, and keep it where it can easily be accessed. Store away less frequently used items in the ceiling storage space.

Don't want to deal with the same mess next time? Consider buying our customizable KRAFT Storage boxes. Think of these as a tackle box for the garage!  Made from sturdy chipboard with removable dividers, so you can customize each cubby to create longer or wider spaces as needed. Such a practical solution; Dad will love them and everyone will love how clean, organized and sharp they look on the shelves in your neat new garage!

Custom Home Storage Box

Our boxes are sturdy, fully customizable and look great! Make it a special family event to decorate and label the boxes! Gift idea: consider filling your storage boxes with DIY bits and pieces. You can also cover them with our vinyl sleeves for easy cleaning and added protection.


When it's all done, take a selfie and share it with the world! Inspire others to take charge, declutter and organize. As Marie Kondo would say - life truly begins when you have put your house in order.

Happy Father's Day!

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