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Travel souvenirs christmas

We love the idea of bringing something special back from each vacation, summer holiday or road trip with the family. Your souvenirs hold special memories, the places that captured your heart, the moments that took your breath away. But sometimes these special souvenirs end up in a dusty display or in a toy box where all meaning is lost. 

Why buy Christmas ornaments as souvenirs?

Who said Christmas trees need to be all Santa Claus and Baubles? When we heard of the brilliant idea of having a Travel Christmas Tree, we were sold! Many of our clients already decorate one tree with special holiday mementos and we just had to share this revelation. 

Buying special Christmas ornaments from every destination you travel to, and treating them in the same way you treat all your other precious Christmas ornaments will ensure that their memories stay intact. Each time you reach into the storage box, and unwrap an ornament that you bought while on Summer holiday, it will bring back all the special memories and add to the Christmas cheer.

Just imagine how extra special decorating the tree will become when it reminds you of your honeymoon, that holiday with the kids to one of the National Parks, or that ski trip to Europe. With every item unwrapped erupts a flurry of sharing and laughter. And as you hang the piece, it eventually tells a lifetime of stories. Your stories.

Having these special souvenirs as Christmas ornaments will not only help you to reflect on the past, but help you to envision the future, where you still want to go and what stories you want to add in the future.

 Swiss bells souvenir

These Swiss bells are adorable and will remind you of the sounds ringing down the Swiss Alps.

Where to find Christmas ornaments while traveling? 

Souvenir shops

Souvenir shops are gold, here you can easily find unique pieces that will stand out on your tree. 

Just imagine walking around old towns in Germany to find hand blown glass baubles, or buying authentic Swiss bells instead of normal bells this year. Summer holidays are definitely the perfect time to start preparing for Christmas.

Luckily you don’t even have to look too far for the perfect souvenirs for the Christmas tree. Most of our local US travel destinations have their own unique pieces to remind travelers of their visit. The trend has caught on nicely, and we couldn’t be happier. Just look at this unique piece from Yosemite Park.

Yosemite park souvenir travel

Local artists

Buy local when traveling in the US, there are many creative artists that will amaze you with their designs.

Custom made

Can’t find what you’re looking for, consider having something made. Especially if you’re traveling to other countries, places like Mexico, Thailand or Bali are perfect for having custom silver ornaments made. Silver adds quality and shine to your tree, and as it’s custom made, it will always be unique to your tree.


Just can’t find what you’re looking for, or you love the idea and want to catch up on buying some souvenirs for places visited in the past? Online is the place to go. 

We love the variety of products on City Souvenirs, you’ll find something special to remind you of a number of major destinations.

New York Taxi Christmas ornament

Radko is much loved by Christmas enthusiasts around the world and their “Christmas around the world Radko ornaments” are some of our favorites.

Radko Travel ornament Mexico

Globetrotters will love these cute ornaments from World Market.

Passport travel ornament christmas

Looking for something to remind you of our beautiful national parks? Visit the official eParks store to get one of the cute Smokey Bear ornaments.

US Park travel ornament christmas

The Travel Christmas Tree is the perfect way to remember times spent with loved ones, collecting these souvenirs during the summer holiday will also add to the feeling of nostalgia, thinking about Christmas and everything that it represents. This family tradition is sure to add an extra element of fun to every family summer vacation.

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