How to have a Pet-friendly 4th of July celebration

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The neighborhood dogs AND the environment will thank you!

4th of July Dog holding American Flag

Independence day is always a happy time of the year, filled with laughter, family and lots of the old patriotic red, white and blue!

However, as more and more people are becoming aware of the stress that fireworks cause to our furry friends, you yourself might be wondering how can I celebrate Independence day 2019 in a sustainable, pet-friendly way?

Here are our top 4 recommendations when planning an ‘almost’ fireworks free 4th of July:

1. Don’t lose the fireworks, just reinvent them with light!

Reinvent fireworks with sparklers

Fireworks have been synonymous with celebrations for centuries. However, it’s only recently that we truly started comprehending the stress that it causes to domestic and wild animals. In the flurry of colour, sound and light, animals are often displaced, injured or even killed. With the move to a greener society, why not try some creative alternatives to bring the joy of color and display permanently into your home, minus the destruction.

We love these gorgeous reusable 3D firework lights! They’re bright enough to light up a room and small enough to safely store away until the next celebration. Amazon and Ebay have loads to choose from as well!

This 4th of July, play around with some teardrop fairy lights mixed with a few 3D firework bulbs, over and around your dinner table to symbolize this age old tradition. We also love these cute LED copper wire lights that look like Sparklers! You’ll be saving heaps of money, as they can light up your home on other occasions too, such as for a New Years party or Christmas - as long as you store them correctly. Be creative this Independence day!


Lights for 4th of July

After the celebrations are done, be sure to neatly pack away all your lights, patriotic flags and decorations for years of eco-friendly, pooch approved celebrations! Our customizable boxes are specifically designed to protect your glass ornaments, light fixtures and trinkets.

Sturdy, acid-free, and beautifully decorated, your new lights will be protected and ready for each celebration!


4th of July Storage Box by Ultimate Christmas

2. If you really want to light up the night sky while keeping down the noise, go outside with a few sparklers!

This small activity can be loads of fun for the whole family. Just be careful, as they burn hot and people tend to swing them around for added effect. Have a small pep talk before lighting up.

Alternatively, if someone doesn’t want to use Sparklers, this is the perfect patriotic holiday to wave around the American flag!

For more information on Sparkler safety (and firework safety) have a look here.

Independence Day Fun No Noise

3. Spread the word - tell people that you won’t be setting off fireworks this year and WHY.

Your love of animals should just be one of the reasons why you’re taking a zero firework approach this year. Do it for the animals, the environment and your neighbors. You’d be amazed at how many of our fellow Americans really don’t like fireworks, especially veterans. For some, it can trigger PTSD.

Social media has put a lot of power into everyday citizens hands. There is no better way to show your patriotism than to support our US veterans and share your story. Be considerate, and help others to be considerate. Get to know your neighbors, and maybe even throw a block party; pet-friendly of course!

Check out the American ‘Military with PTSD’ Facebook Page, to show your support and share your firework free Independence day story! Dogs also play a huge roll in the US military, so they will surely appreciate the effort! Share the patriotism!


Pet Friendly Celebration

4. If you just can’t avoid fireworks, get your pets ready for the big night well before.

Even with fireworks going off outside, you can ensure that your pets are safe and happy. Here’s how:

  1. Tire them out during the day, this will ensure that they are comfortable staying inside, in a room where they can’t hurt themselves. Make sure they have everything they need, like water, toys and food.
  2. Speaking of food, why not make some pet treats to spoil them. We love these adorable homemade 4th of July doggy treats! You can make them in a variety of cute shapes and sizes.
  3. Invest in mutt muffs. Your dogs’ ears will be protected, and you’ll feel much better knowing that they won’t be as affected by the noise. If your dog tends to want to pull them off, just put on a recovery cone… you can even decorate it with some red, white and blue stars, to make everyone feel included in the celebrations. Admittedly, the cute factor goes through the roof!

Dog with Mutt Muffs on Instagram

We love this post from @mauithepug! Cuteness overload! Use #nofireworks to show your support on Social Media.

 Hope you enjoyed our suggestions! We know that you are already getting creative with some of your own ideas to keep your furbabies safe, and we’d love to hear them! So please leave a comment, and spread the word by sharing this post! 


Have a Happy, pet-friendly, 4th of July!

Dog With American Scarf

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