Ultimate Ornament Storage

Our ornament storage boxes make it a breeze to take down your Christmas tree and pack everything away safely until next year

Ultimate Ornament Storage series is where we began. We started with sturdy, acid-free construction then added removable trays with adjustable dividers. We created a couple of configurations to provide for larger and smaller ornaments and then we wrapped them in beautiful, durable fabrics that turn a fabulous storage box into a beautiful addition to your holiday decor. Options accommodate from 44-100 ornaments so there is something for everyone. It’s the ultimate Christmas ornament storage.

Featured collection

If you have precious vintage Christmas ornaments, this acid-free storage solution is the perfect way to protect them. Many customers and collectors send us thank you letters saying that we have helped them protect their delicate ornament finishes while saving space and beautifully decorating their home. This is also a great solution to organize your lights, garlands, hooks, crafts and other holiday ornaments.

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Once you’ve chosen your perfect box, we highly recommend that you support the acid-free environment by using only acid-free packing supplies.