How Do You Keep Your Ornaments Organized?

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After all these years of using my own archival storage boxes, I know firsthand
what a great product we make. I also understand how you can get a warm little
Christmas thrill when you open a closet in the middle of summer and catch a
glimpse of our ornament storage boxes stacked safely in the corner protecting
special holiday memories.

Ornament Storage Ultimate Christmas Storage


Even so, I am always excited when our customers share their enthusiasm of all
things Christmas, and praise for our ornament storage and craft storage
boxes. Time and again we hear from happy customers with 5, 10, 20+ of our
archival storage boxes for their large ornament collections to decorate multiple
trees. We have one client that puts up 9 themed trees including one in the
garage that’s decorated with little tool ornaments! We have clients that put up
trees in each kids room decorated with their own chosen theme, think Disney
Princesses, Thomas the Train or Pink Flamingos. One client’s collection consists
of over 700 ornaments that are only Hearts and Sheep! Yet some of the most
treasured ornaments don’t even come from a store, they are crafts made by
children’s tiny hands! Preserving these keepsake holiday crafts and ornaments in
archival storage boxes is top priority for families.

We also love hearing how people keep their collections organized. Many people
have a system as simple as taking pictures of each layer in each ornament
storage box and sticking the images on the outside of their storage boxes for
easy identification. Others sort and store ornaments by theme or color, but
however they organize their ornament storage, it’s clear that our fabric-covered
Archival Ornament Storage, Archival Kraft Storage and Archival Packing
Supplies are an important part of the plan.

archival storage boxes and accessories

We are proud to provide archival ornament storage boxes that help clients
protect their family memories for future generations.

See how Patricia from Lakeville, MN decorates with our archival storage and what she has to say:

“Each year since I discovered your boxes 12 years ago, I have added 2 or 3 new boxes to my collection, until I now have 19 of your stunning boxes. But these containers do more than safely store my precious ornaments; they have become part of my Christmas decorations and are delightfully displayed under my many Christmas trees. I have recommended Ultimate Christmas Storage to several friends who have also become extremely satisfied customers. The boxes are of excellent quality and look as good now as they did when I began purchasing them many years ago. But excellent quality isn't limited to the boxes; your company also delivers excellent customer service and prompt delivery. I know I will be buying more of your boxes and look forward to seeing your new designs. Thank you for adding beauty to my Christmas decorations.” 
craft storage testimonial


For more information about our Christmas ornament storage solutions please contact us: 


Office Line: 310-527-7100       Kathy's Direct Line: 310-625-6025

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