Memories and Traditions Safe in Decorative Ornament Storage Boxes

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Summer heat, summer sounds and summer smells bring back such vivid memories for me. In some cases it’s just the flash of a familiar scene, but others I can recall in great detail; I love that! I can remember hanging out in the front yard for hours every evening with all the neighbor girls doing cartwheels and handstands that ended in backbends….if I did that now I’d be in traction for days! I also have fond memories of weekend barbecues at Grandma’s and all the cousins would play till what seemed like very late into the night. One of my cousins was an expert at capturing fireflies in jars, just thinking about it makes me smile. I also have fond memories of long afternoons sitting inside working on arts and crafts projects. Crafts and ornaments have always been a big part of my life, that might be why safe storage and creating decorative ornament storage boxes seemed so logical long before anything like that was available.

Last night I was reminded of a more recent time. We had a little community fundraiser at a neighbors house with maybe 30 people in her backyard. The fundraising part was short and sweet and left plenty of time to meet new neighbors and catch up with others. It was so nice to connect with all these people that have at least one thing in common…we all live in the same community. It had been a long time since I enjoyed this type of get together. In our old Southern California neighborhood we used to have a Monday night picnic from mid-July to mid-September. It was a pot luck so there was always a lot of variety, the rule was bring enough of your dish for your family plus 4 more servings. The Monday night picnic was (and still is) held in the little park on our old street. Sometimes we had a big turn out and other times maybe just a few families. People would bring their out-of-town guests who were always enamored with the lovely community event. The kids would run around playing tag, catch or basketball. I watched my son and his peers go from 4 year olds to 14 year olds, when we moved away. It was a really lovely tradition that we thoroughly enjoyed and a really special memory for me and for my family. Decorating my home inside and out has always been a big deal for us, especially in the summer for the 4th of July. I like to celebrate with decorations and ornaments; I’m so glad we finally have a patriotic themed decorative ornament storage box.

As I get older and more nostalgic I really appreciate traditions and memories more and more. I’ve also seen that my son is already enjoying some traditions and recognizing how special they are. One of the biggies is Thanksgiving, but for my family the biggest tradition is Christmas, everything about it feels special. We take our time picking a tree every year and we take our time decorating it, and then for the next several weeks we enjoy many early mornings and evenings sitting in the glow of the tree looking at how beautiful it is and how gorgeous all those ornaments are. Our ornaments are very special, not because of the price, but because they’ve been around so long and with proper care, “God willing and if the creek don’t rise”, they should be around much longer! It makes me really happy to think my grandchildren will enjoy seeing these same beautiful ornaments hanging on their own tree one day. That’s why we created the first ever line of archival quality, acid-free Christmas ornament storage boxes in the early 90s. Our decorative ornament storage boxes are primarily designed to protect your ornament treasures and heirlooms from breaking by providing individual cubbies, but the archival quality, acid-free environment also safeguards from tarnish and decay. Decorative ornament storage boxes will also become part of your holiday decor with festive fabric coverings. Finally, our decorative ornament storage boxes will help you keep that ornament collection organized!

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