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Housework during the summer is no fun! I don’t mind baking, BBQing, fixing a picnic basket, entertaining, etc. But keeping the house tidy is a drag. Think about it, maybe you have kids home from school, and vacation  time with longer days and more time to hang out. Everyone is coming and going and leaving their little piles of stuff everywhere, the house gets messy fast. One person can’t keep up, but with a little planning you can alleviate much of the clutter. Our decorative storage boxes can help manage the mess.

Storage bins and decorative storage boxes for items like sporting equipment, hats, sunscreen, shoes and flip-flops strategically located at a busy entrance will keep your home neater with less clutter, and that makes everyone happy. This is why most home decor stores have 2 or 3 aisles dedicated to storage - unless you are at The Container Store which is basically dedicated to making our lives easier by keeping us organized. I’m proud to say that The Container Store has carried a selection of our Archival Ornament Storage and decorative storage boxes for 10+ years :0)

Speaking of which, as for closets and shelves the best way to keep those mess-magnets neat is with home decorative storage boxes. Our Archival Kraft Storage boxes with dividers come in 5 sizes to help keep your closets organized. The utilitarian look is very stylish, but they’re also wonderful to DIY decorate for a totally personalized look.

Of course if you also love to decorate for the holidays, chances are you have a collection of patriotic 4th of July themed ornaments and decorations. When it’s time to take down your 4th of July decor be ready with the perfect decorative storage boxes. Our new Americana print is big enough to organize all your patriotic decor. By the way who says you can’t keep your 4th of July decorations up all the way thru Labor Day!

To purchase our beautiful Americana Ornament Storage Box please click here or to see the full line of Archival Kraft Storage click here. Thank you!

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