October Leaves and Ornament Storage

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Many people may think of September as the beginning of Fall although it can still be quite hot in most of the country, which definitely doesn’t give you that wonderful Fall feeling. It also tends to be such a busy month with the long Labor Day weekend and then you jump right into the first day of school. Of course many people don’t have the luxury of the whole summer off, or people like teachers for instance have already been at work for some time getting ready for that first day of school - we have a lot of teachers stocking up on classroom storage in preparation. There also seem to be a lot of weddings in the ninth month. Unless you have something special like a birthday or anniversary it seems to go by in a bit of a blur, but then it’s October! A time for unique ornaments and spooky decorations and more time spent at home. Make our ornament storage boxes part of your holiday décor.

Beautiful October when the temperatures start to dip and if you are lucky enough to live in an area that enjoys all four seasons, you’ll start to see the leaves change; it’s so pretty! All of the sudden there are lots of pumpkins for sale outside of your local grocery store and popping up on front porches all around the neighborhood. I love the skeletons, tombstones, witches and all the scary reminders that a spooky night is coming and Fall is in the air.

Indoor decorations have become more and more elaborate In the past 15 years as well. Over that time we have offered a few archival ornament storage boxes with Halloween prints based on our customer’s requests; obviously our customers are way ahead of the curve. Last year Americans spent over 9 billion dollars on Halloween and this year we are on track to spend even more with consumer confidence very high. One relatively new decorating trend is Halloween-themed trees that range from small table tops to big 7 footers. Today you can buy Halloween ornaments from high end to dime store and everything in between. Most people have a collection with a wide variety of value in terms of cost, decorating bang and sentimental value. This year we are launching a new acid free ornament storage box with a gorgeous, vibrant print that’s a little spooky and a lot of beautiful! Our new ornament storage box will accommodate up to 44 ornaments or a combination of decorations and ornaments; this new print will be available and online shortly.

Once the holiday is over and it’s time to clean up to make way for Thanksgiving it’s also great to use our Kraft Ornament Storage boxes and options to conveniently organize and store all the Halloween ornaments, decorations, crafts, linens and other items that you love and want to use next year and every year. Our Kraft storage line looks amazing without any decoration but they are easy to embellish with themed stickers, paint, glitter, etc.; all our ornament storage options will be a beautiful addition to your holiday décor and will always look great and organized in a closet.


Our craft storage boxes and ornament storage boxes are designed for maximum utility and feature multiple dividers that help customize cubbies for ornament and decoration storage. To see the full line of craft storage boxes and ornament storage boxes please visit https://ultimatechristmas.com/, and when in doubt feel free to shoot me an email at customerservice@ultimatechristmas.com

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