Halloween Planning and Craft Storage Boxes

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How many of you use a holiday planner…..shout out to my Facebook friends from House and Holidays Plan - Get Organized Community. The men and women in this group strive to have every holiday decorating and entertaining detail planned and scheduled months in advance. I guess I’m more of a week-before kinda’ gal, and although I do stress over holiday planning for months in advance, that apparently doesn’t count, in fact it’s counter productive. If planning doesn’t come naturally to you either, do yourself a favor and go online to search for Holiday Planners, you’ll find a ton of options that you can buy or download for free. Putting up a Halloween tree is a relatively new trend, and storing your Halloween ornaments and decorations in our craft storage boxes will ensure safe storage year around.

Most people I know have somewhere between a few to a ton of spooky decorations and ornaments that they display around their home every year. Our clients love our archival craft storage boxes to organize and store these varied items that can include many sizes of indoor and outdoor decorations, linens and cute candy dishes among other things. We've also seen a big surge in Halloween trees with fantastic ornaments; our acid free ornament storage boxes are obviously perfect for those ornament collections. Decorating your home for Halloween is a really fun task that sets the tone for autumn and encourages more time spent with family, friends and neighbors.

Now maybe you are a traditionalist like my dear friend Abby who makes 2 huge pots of chili and hosts a candy-fueled fete for 30 or so close friends every year. Or maybe you’ll just buy a bag or two of candy and call it a day; that’s pretty easy. For me Halloween is just a fun, no stress holiday but it does mark the beginning of the holiday season. So lets talk about planning for those last two months of the year. You'll soon be able to purchase our new Halloween-themed ornament storage box with the cutest print available online October 1st, perfect for ornament storage and all your Halloween decorations.

The planning process is meant to take stress out of our holiday preparations. There is so much to plan; even one meal can take a day or two to map out. Think about it; you have to decide the menu, what can be cooked and frozen or prep work that can be done in advance, shopping list and guest list.. Then there’s the home decorations which include table and linen prep and your centerpiece that have all been stored all year in our craft storage boxes. Many of us have family and guests that come to visit, so in fact it won’t be just one meal, but several including breakfast, lunch and dinner. That requires a very well stocked refrigerator and pantry. Don’t forget that you will want to have bed and bath linens ready, games to play, movies to rent; I’m exhausted already!

Once the holiday is over and it’s time to clean up to make way for Thanksgiving it’s so great to use craft storage boxes from Ultimate Christmas Storage to conveniently organize and store all the Halloween ornaments, decorations, crafts, linens and other items that you love and want to use next year and every year. We have a wonderful new fabric covered ornament storage box with a Halloween theme print this year, but you may prefer our craft storage box. Our craft storage boxes look amazing without any decoration but if you like you can easily embellish with themed stickers, paint, glitter, etc.; all our storage options can be a beautiful addition to your holiday décor.


In addition to looking beautiful our craft storage boxes and ornament storage boxes are designed with maximum utility and feature multiple dividers that help customize cubbies for ornament and decoration storage. To see the full line of craft storage boxes and ornament storage boxes please visit us at Ultimate Christmas Storage and when in doubt feel free to shoot me an email with questions customerservice@ultimatechristmas.com Thanks for reading and Happy Organizing! Kathy

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