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I wish my Christmas Tree was still standing proud and tall in my living room twinkling for all to see. Alas, we said good-bye in mid-January.


I know many people though, and many of our own customers that are still enjoying their beautiful trees today, in fact many will still be enjoying their Christmas trees well after Valentine’s Day. There are a lot of people that just remove some Christmas ornaments and replace them with Valentine’s and even St. Patrick’s day ornaments; how delightful! That way they are enjoying their “Christmas tree” for a good, long while. There are so many different and wonderful family traditions to be cherished. 

A big part of having various ornament collections and decorative themes is organization…it’s key. Ultimate Christmas Storage makes it easy to organize collections so you can separate themes and easily identify what you’re looking for without opening each ornament storage box. Our beautiful decorative fabrics are just one of the exclusive features that make our Christmas ornament storage so unique, and helps customers stay organized all year long!

Helping customers organize is also why Ultimate Christmas Storage will be rolling out limited edition, acid-free storage solutions for additional holidays including Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving. For the moment we’ve only chosen the Fourth of July - it’s a beauty!  We are also considering offering these boxes with or without trays and dividers, based on the fact that it isn’t just holiday ornaments that people need to store, but holiday linens, dining table decorations and centerpieces, candles and so much more. If you have some ideas about either what items you might like to store or what other holidays you’d like to see among our new offerings, please shoot me an email. I’d love to hear from you!  And if you find yourself in need of an additional ornament storage box today or anytime, we’ll always have the finest acid-free storage solutions available at the click of a button :0)

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