The Only Line of Archival and Acid Free Ornament Storage

For almost 25 years we have been designing beautiful, high quality acid free, archival ornament storage. Our products are created specifically to protect delicate hand-blown glass ornaments for your future generations by providing individual cubbies to protect ornaments from breakage caused by crowding. We use acid free materials treated with a tarnish inhibitor to keep away brown spots as the years go by. While our boxes are light in weight they are very sturdy to last for many years and you will find that organizing and customizing is easy with our removable trays and and adjustable dividers. With each box we strive to provide our valued customers with the best, most beautiful storage solutions designed to help organize and protect your cherished memories for today and for future generations.

The Ultimate Ornament Box is our most popular Christmas ornament storage solution. Its adjustable dividers and removable tray make storing any type of Christmas decoration simple. This decorative storage box is also the perfect gift for friends and family who like to stay organized. The box has two levels including a lower level with 16-Four inch cubbies and a removable tray with 28-Three inch cubbies, storing up to 44 fragile ornaments neatly and safely. And yes, it’s acid free, to protect your ornaments all-year long.

The Ultimate Ornament Chest safely stores up to 100 ornaments and is an excellent option for Christmas ornament storage, craft storage and for storing a variety of precious collections; its perfect for the hobbyist and the serious collector. Our Ultimate Ornament Chest provides flexible, acid free ornament storage featuring 4 levels, including a lower level with 16-Four inch cubbies, and 3 removable trays with 28-Three inch cubbies each. All the dividers are adjustable to accommodate unique shapes making organizing your ornament or craft collections a breeze. This ornament storage box comes with a heavy-duty vinyl zippered bag to keep the dust out during the off-season. And YES, it’s acid free!

The Ultimate European Ornament Chest is a customizable storage solution for large ornaments and accommodates up to 44 ornaments. It features 3 levels: the bottom level with 12-Five inch cubbies and two removable trays with 16-Four inch cubbies. All the dividers are adjustable to provide complete flexibility accommodating longer or wider decorations, crafts and Christmas ornaments. Removable trays make it easy to pack and unpack your ornaments and crafts while keeping your favorite collections well organized. To keep the dust away this storage solution also comes with a heavy duty zippered vinyl bag. Finally, this favorite ornament storage solution includes a two pound bag of Archival shredded paper, and a Desi-Pac, dessicant to keep humidity in check. And YES, it’s acid free.

Archival Kraft Storage

The Archival Kraft Storage line was created to accommodate Christmas ornaments and features our signature sturdy, acid free construction throughout. Since the Kraft boxes were introduced in 2011 our customers have found many additional uses to store a variety of collections and small items from Seashells to Socks! Sold as an individual tray with lid, this line is simply great looking and makes a perfect blank canvas for DIY decorating. Options accommodate from 12-44 ornaments from 3 to 6 inches in size. Perfect for personalized Christmas ornaments, craft storage, and any type of collections that are important to you and your family.

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Once you’ve chosen to invest in Ultimate Christmas Storage, we highly recommend that you support the acid-free environment by using only acid-free packing supplies. Just like our boxes, these archival supplies last for many years.

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