Acid Free Archival Kraft Storage

The Archival Kraft Storage line was created to accommodate ornaments but also other small items. It features our signature sturdy, acid-free construction throughout. Since the Kraft boxes were introduced in 2011 our customers have found many additional uses to store a variety of collections and small items from Seashells to Socks! Sold as an individual tray with lid, it’s simply great looking and makes a great blank canvas for DIY decorating. Organized collectors like to indicate the contents on the outside of each box for easy identification.  Perfect for personalized Christmas ornaments, craft storage, and any type of collections that are important to you and your family.

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Our archival storage boxes are perfect for storing and protecting ornaments but also for organizing scarfs, socks, ties, watches, craft supplies, and school supplies. You can decorate the storage box as you like or just indicate on the outside what is stored within.

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To protect the environment, make sure you also use our acid-free packing supplies.