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Ornament Storage During the Summer

Posted by kathy stanton on

I crack up every time I see something (usually on Facebook) poking fun at people who decorate for every holiday; comics or Memes usually suggest something about support groups for this not-so-rare affliction. It’s fine, I can laugh at myself but I won’t change. I love to display adorable leprechauns for St. Patrick’s Day, hearts for Valentine’s Day, bunnies and baby chicks for Easter, and so on. It makes me happy and I think my family and friends also appreciate and enjoy it. I’ve just spent the last few hours dolling up the house for the 4th of July. This...

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Best Ornament Storage for Your Holiday Memories

Posted by Alex Sokoletsky on

After all these years of using my own archival storage boxes, I know firsthandwhat a great product we make. I also understand how you can get a warm littleChristmas thrill when you open a closet in the middle of summer and catch aglimpse of our ornament storage boxes stacked safely in the corner protectingspecial holiday memories.   Even so, I am always excited when our customers share their enthusiasm of allthings Christmas, and praise for our ornament storage and craft storageboxes. Time and again we hear from happy customers with 5, 10, 20+ of ourarchival storage boxes for their large...

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